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    Bella Boo’s battle with lockdown loneliness

    Although many pets have enjoyed having their owners work from home during the pandemic, some have faced endless days alone…

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    A statement on the recent Blackbaud breach

    You may have seen in the media that a number of charities and academic organisations in the UK and the…

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    How to be a Feral AdvoCAT

    There are a few simple ways in which you can help your local feral cat colonies; read on to find…

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    Polly the stray cat with a complicated pregnancy

    When heavily pregnant stray cat Polly came into Mayhew last month, we thought guiding her through the last few days…

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    How to keep an indoor cat happy and safe

    Cats are hunters by nature and are not designed to have their food handed to them on a plate, so…

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    Six-week-old kitten abandoned in a garden

    Thankfully, our health check revealed that Bubbles seemed to be as healthy as he was happy, and so we microchipped…

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    Why I’ve left a gift in my will

    A special message from Mayhew supporter, Anne Harvey. “I have loved animals all my life and have always wanted to…

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    Teaming up with award-winning pet food suppliers Burns

    Q&A with Burns’ Nutrition Manager, Laura Crotch Harvey How do you become a pet nutritionist? I have a Masters degree…

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    Owner forced to give up their beloved dog due to coronavirus

    With day to day life still dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s sad but unsurprising that its effects and consequences…

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