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    Tiny kitten is the only survivor from her litter

    Whilst it’s a myth that a mother cat will automatically reject her newborn kittens if they are touched by humans,…

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    Cat trapped under the floorboards

    We believe that Barry had been trapped under the floor for approximately 7 to 10 days. As he had only…

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    The tragic tale of two kittens

    With kitten season well underway, it comes as no surprise when owners struggle cope with an influx of unexpected or…

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    An accidental ‘kit-nap’

    Five-month-old Kismis had been enjoying a happy life in Hounslow, when she unexpectedly found herself lost and alone over 10…

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    Kittens born in ‘bag for life’

    As the majority of us are aware, it’s important to cut down on single use plastic bags to help protect…

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    Overrun with kittens

    Cuddles and more Kittens go through a phase called the ‘socialisation period’ between two and seven weeks of age, during…

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    Cyril’s Story: Why “Lucy’s Law” is so important

    Cyril is now on the hunt for his pawfect family, and is looking forward to his happily forever after –…

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    Tragedy strikes twice for Tiger

    We reassured Vanessa that Tiger could stay with us until she was well enough to return home, and that we…

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    Fantastic Mr Fox

    When an 18 month-old Japanese Spitz was found wandering the streets of Brent at night, a concerned member of the…

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