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    We are looking for landowners, stables, farms, garden centres, and other rural locations who would be willing to offer a safe home to working cats that wouldn’t thrive in a traditional pet home.

    What are working cats?

    Mayhew occasionally receives cats that are not socialised with people and prefer to live independently, making them unsuitable for traditional pet homes. In such cases, Mayhew looks for rehoming solutions that are better suited to these cats’ needs. These cats are happier in rural or semi-rural environments where they have a home base but can choose to interact less with people and exhibit their natural behaviours, such as roaming and hunting. Rural homes and businesses provide a safe shelter for these cats and benefit from their ability to deter and control rodent populations. See our working cats!

    Think you can take in a cat?

    Upon taking in a new cat, you will need to set up a safe and enclosed area for the cat to settle in e.g an outbuilding or shed. They will need a supply a food, water, and litter, as well as a cosy area to rest with blankets. Moving forward, they will need continued access to their shelter and an ongoing supply of food and water. If you have any questions or concerns during this time, our Cat Adoptions Officer will be contactable and able to assist you. If you fit the criteria to take in a working cat, please fill out our enquiries form linked below.

    Getting a working cat

    All of the cats in our care will have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and had a vet check before being rehomed as working cats which you can view here! We are unable to provide delivery for the cat, so you will need the ability to collect the cat from our shelter in Northwest London.

    Sign up for a working cat

    We don't often have working cats for adoption, but when we do, we can email you. Why not join the waiting list, and you'll know when a new working cat is ready to be rehomed.

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