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    Meet our team caring for animals and our community every day.

    Mayhew has a great team of around 80 staff and students who are all extremely passionate about their jobs and dedicated to the welfare of the animals we care for.

    We couldn’t operate without them and the fantastic volunteers who give their time to Mayhew. Here are just some of the people who make a difference to the lives of our animals:

    Caroline Yates


    "I work for Mayhew because I am inspired by our ethos of improving life for both animals and people here in London and overseas."

    Zoe Edwards

    Head of Animal Welfare

    “I work for Mayhew because we recognise today’s issues surrounding animal welfare and strive to get to the core of these with our approachable and non-judgmental support for everyone.”

    David Milsom

    Head of Fundraising

    “I work for Mayhew because we have a pro-active and preventative approach to tackling the issues that result in dogs and cats being sent to shelters.”

    Janet Nobbs

    Dog Fostering Coordinator

    “I work for Mayhew to turn our dogs’ lives around and to help them to trust, love, and live life to the full again.”

    Matt Pearson

    Cat Adoption Officer

    “I work for Mayhew so I can be a part of making each cat's life a little bit better.”

    Niamh Carwood

    TheraPaws Programme Coordinator

    “I work for Mayhew so that I can work with likeminded people who share my passion for animal welfare, education and all things dogs.”

    Natassja Yoxall

    Head of Comms

    “I work for Mayhew to help more people hear the amazing stories we have to tell so they’ll support our work.”

    Jean Andrews

    Office Manager

    "I have worked for Mayhew in various roles for 19 years. I am proud to be a part of the pro-active incentives in animal welfare and education."

    Our Board of Trustees

    Our Board of Trustees are responsible for providing Mayhew with governance and leadership. They oversee and direct our activities and overall strategy.

    Svetlana Ignatieva
    Corinna Mcshane
    Julian Beynon
    Sabahat Salahuddin
    Andrea Clarke
    Jane Hunt
    Kate Shervell
    Amy Jankiewicz
    Reza Jugon
    Sandra Veseli
    Carter Brod