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    Free flea and worm control for cats and dogs at our community vet clinic in Kensal Green, North London.

    Flea and worm control is essential for your pet

    Flea and worm prevention and treatment are important to keep your pet in optimal health. Fleas and other parasites can cause anything from minor irritations to severe health issues, which can be fatal.

    What is the process?

    Mayhew strongly advises using products recommended by us or your vet, as many other easily available treatments are found to be ineffective or less effective. Some over-the-counter treatments are very dangerous if given to the wrong animal, so advice from us or your local vet should always be sought to ensure that the most effective and safest treatment is prescribed or recommended for your pet. The dosage of treatment must also be for the correct weight and age of animal.

    If your animal has been seen for neutering or vaccinations at Mayhew in the last 12 months, they can return for free parasite control. A weight check may be required. If not, your local vet will be able to advise. Parasite control (flea and worming) treatment can be purchased from our clinic reception by those who are eligible on Saturdays between 9.30am and 1pm only.

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