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If you want to make a real difference to animals in the local community and even overseas, we may just have the right job for you!

Mayhew is an animal welfare charity working to improve life for dogs, cats and the people in our community – at our home in London and Internationally. We have a range of different roles at Mayhew, from hands-on animal care to Animal Welfare Officers to fundraising, marketing and administration. Take a look at our latest vacancies to see what we have available.

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Scott Weir

Head of People

Why I work for Mayhew

“I work at Mayhew so I can make cats’ lives a little bit better and help them find a safe and loving place to call home. Our cats have a really positive effect on the people that adopt them. When you find the very best home for a cat, it means just as much to the adopters as it does to the cat. When people go the extra mile for their cat, it makes all the difference.”

Matthew Pearson, Cat Adoption Officer

Why I work for Mayhew

“I was lucky enough to be doing some temping work just before I started at Mayhew. I was content to continue temping, but I was offered the chance to apply for an animal charity and my head was most certainly turned. Upon doing the research ahead of the interview, I was hooked. I probably spent less time “researching” and more time “marvelling” at the incredible work within the community they did. To see an organisation shouting about their work with those experiencing homelessness, offering support and care to those that need it was fantastic. I needed to be a part of this organisation, and I was lucky enough to be considered and offered the role. Now a year down the line, I’m able to continue to lay those solid finance foundations to provide the platform for those at Mayhew who do the real work.”

Ryan Aylward, Finance Officer

What is it like to be a Vet Nurse?

Our vet nurses work hard to ensure that our dogs and cats get the care they need. Find out more about this challenging yet rewarding role at Mayhew.

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Working in kennels

Our kennels can house up to 30 dogs and puppies, and we have a round-the-clock team of fantastic staff looking after them. Find out more about what it is like as part of the kennels team.

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