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    Meet our Mayhew volunteers from reception, cattery and kennels. They help us care for our animals every day.

    We have over 300 volunteers who help keep Mayhew running every day. The volunteer roles are often challenging but also very rewarding. All the dogs and cats that we take care of have individual personalities and our volunteers help us to make sure they are cared for in the right way.

    Joan - Reception Volunteer

    “Mayhew is an exceedingly good organisation that I’ve known for many years.”

    Joan volunteers as a receptionist on a Monday and has kindly been donating her time to us for decades.

    “I’ve been a friend of Mayhew for a long time and I know how fantastic they are with helping animals from different situations. I really enjoy working on reception and speaking to the public, many of whom are incredibly caring. Being able to help both people and animals in need is rewarding and enjoyable. My favourite thing about volunteering at Mayhew is getting to know the dogs looking for homes and seeing them go home to their new families.”

    Jody - Cattery Volunteer

    “The passion and dedication of the staff and the other volunteers restores your faith in the human race.”

    Jody is a Media Consultant and has been volunteering weekly at Mayhew for six months.

    “I began volunteering as a way to do something great in memory of my two cats, Darcy and Eartha. The most rewarding thing about coming in every week is seeing the difference it makes. When cats arrive they’re often distressed, but eventually they begin to trust you. Lots of them have been through traumatic experiences – like being dumped in a box under the Westway – so it’s lovely showing them that not all people are awful.”

    Hayley - Kennels Volunteer

    “The team make me feel very welcome as a volunteer.”

    Hayley volunteers with our kennels team and was previously a student with us.

    “Before becoming a volunteer at Mayhew, I was a student working with the team on site. I loved the staff, atmosphere and their passion for animal welfare so much that I had to return as a volunteer. What I like most about helping Mayhew is that no two days volunteering are the same – you get to see so many different animals that have an interesting story. The team at Mayhew are very serious about their work but they make you feel welcome and create a friendly atmosphere to work in. I know it sounds corny but every moment at Mayhew is my favourite – the team and the animals in our care make sure of that!”