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    • 13 Aug, 2020

    Bella Boo’s battle with lockdown loneliness

    Although many pets have enjoyed having their owners work from home during the pandemic, some have faced endless days alone whilst key workers’ hours have increased.

    One such animal is eight-year-old Bella Boo, whose owner was forced to leave her at home whilst she attended regular 12 hour shifts. Bella Boo became extremely lonely and bored without company, which resulted in her experiencing symptoms of anxiety. She also began to make a lot of noise, and on a few occasions, caused accidental damage to the property.

    Although Bella Boo was well-loved by her owner, lockdown really began to take its toll and their situation sadly became untenable. The owner could clearly see that Bella Boo was not happy, and as her own work patterns were not set to change for the foreseeable future, she made the incredibly hard decision to give Bella Boo up and enable her to find a home in which she had more constant companionship.

    Thankfully, we were able to closely support the owner throughout Bella Boo’s transition period, and soon settled the shar pei down in one of our refurbished kennels to relax and adapt, before placing her up for adoption. Although Bella Boo’s anxiety means she can be shy and nervous around new people, she is a gentle and friendly dog who forms strong bonds and loves attention. Our Kennels staff have developed a personalised care plan that will help Bella Boo get used to her new lifestyle, and have enjoyed building up her trust since welcoming her into our care.

    Our vets have also prescribed Bella Boo some effective medication for her recurring ear infections and incontinence, which we believe can be easily managed; and ensured she is neutered, microchipped and up to date with all of her vaccines and flea and worming treatment.

    Given Bella Boo’s past history and individual medical and behavioural needs, she is now looking for a forever home with an owner or owners who are around a lot, and who have experience and knowledge of dog ownership.

    In the right environment, Bella Boo is calm and well-behaved, and will show her affectionate side once she has got to know you. She especially enjoys going on walks and spending time outside, although she prefers not to interact with any other dogs.

    If you think you could offer Bella Boo the home she so desperately deserves, please check out her profile on our website, and read up on how our rehoming process has changed during the pandemic. If you are still interested in adopting her, please then fill out an adoption application form, and we will contact you by telephone if you match the criteria Bella Boo is looking for.

    We are expecting an influx of unwanted pets

    We estimate that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will affect many more families and owners with pets, and we are working as hard as we can to support as many people and animals as possible throughout this tough time.

    We receive no government funding, and rely on the generosity of our donors to open our doors for dogs just like Bella Boo every single day.

    To help us help even more pets in need, please consider making a one-off or monthly donation to Mayhew.

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