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    Stray dog finds new life in United States

    Within a few weeks, a family had been found – this time in America. Following a lot of correspondence and…

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    Volunteering in India; a first-hand account

    Photography volunteer Anne Heslop recently visited the team at HOPE & Animal Trust to capture the amazing work they undertake…

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    Spotlight on India

    Street animals can have a challenging life in India: they are at risk of disease and injury, face a lack…

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    Dr Mo makes the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 2019 honours list

    Caroline Yates, CEO of Mayhew and Dr Mo’s nominee, continued to say that Dr Mo “is particularly skilled at empowering…

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    Life-saving surgery

    In October last year, a female street dog was brought in to the Tbilisi Municipal Shelter. She had been involved…

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    Saved from the bonnet of a car

    While in Tbilisi, the Mayhew team made an unexpected rescue. Travelling in vet Dr Dato’s car one day, they heard…

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    An exciting announcement from our Afghanistan team

    We’re delighted to announce our plans to launch a Trap, Vaccinate, Neuter and Return (TVNR) programme in Kabul in Spring…

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    First person account: helping in Georgia

    Alissa Johnson, Mayhew’s Digital Communications Officer, joined the Mayhew team on their recent trip to Georgia. She spoke to us…

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    CTVT: a common but preventable disease

    Street dogs around the world have a constant battle against hunger, disease and indiscriminate breeding, resulting in unnecessary pain and…

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