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  • Our own Dr. Mohammadzai leads training of vets in reproductive surgery in Algiers
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    • 16 Nov, 2022

    Our own Dr. Mohammadzai leads training of vets in reproductive surgery in Algiers

    Sponsored by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, more than 30 vets in Algiers from various veterinary agencies including Institut Pasteur, Algerian Veterinary inspectorate, Veterinary Faculty of University Saad Dahlab Blida, as well as local vets, have benefited from reproductive surgery training from Mayhew’s award-winning vet, Dr Abdul-Jalil Mohammadzai DVM, this month.

    Given his involvement in devising and implementing the first ever dog population survey in Kabul, Afghanistan and the successful delivery of a mass rabies vaccination and TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) programme, Dr Mo shared insights on these important campaigns with the Algiers Municipality, Veterinary agencies and local charity in Algiers, BCHE (Billy for Compassion, Humanity and Empathy). Thanks to Dr Mo’s track record in Kabul there have no recorded canine-mediated rabies deaths in humans for the past 19 months with over 95,000 dogs in Kabul now having been vaccinated. As a result of this epic initiative, there have been no recorded positive cases of rabies in dogs in the city since April 2021.

    As part of the 10-day long training, Dr Mohammadzai, or ‘Dr Mo’ as he is more affectionately known, provided practical training in humane animal handling & restraint, asepsis, anaesthesia and analgesia, in order to support the Municipality of Algiers’s and local community groups and vets’ efforts to introduce long-term sustainable programmes for the development of improved animal health and welfare in the capital city’s local communities.

    “This will be one the most rewarding training experiences I can deliver to vets in Algiers. It will not only enable participants to enhance their veterinary skills in key important surgical procedures but will also serve as a foundation to help disease prevention, management, protection and the surveillance of diseases like rabies. In much the same way as the work I was humbled and proud to have delivered in Kabul was designed to support rabies prevention and humane dog population management, I hope the training I deliver to the vets in Algiers can be built upon to influence the attitudes of their local communities.”

    Dr Abdul-Jalil Mohammadzai


    Caroline Yates, Head of International Projects & Relations, Mayhew, says, “We are incredibly proud of Dr Mo for delivering such important training and for sharing his expertise with the authorities and vet professionals in Algiers. We’d also like to thank Brigitte Bardot Foundation for organising and promoting this training trip, the Municipality of Algiers, Institut Pasteur d’Algeria and local charity BCHE for their hospitality and inviting us to collaborate to support vets, animals and local communities.”

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