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    • 15 Nov, 2023

    A true companion – human animal bond

    We spoke to one of our canine adopters, Sophie, who suffered a double bereavement, the loss of her partner to brain cancer and then their beloved dog Daisy, who died two months later.

    Sophie is a life-long dog lover, having grown up with Cairn Terriers, and has also volunteered as a dog foster carer for Mayhew. She knew she needed a canine companion to help her cope with her grief but to also help her look forward to her future.

    “I couldn’t stand the emptiness of the flat. For me, there was only one place for a new friend: Mayhew!

    The pictures of a rather sad looking Shiba Inu called Nora caught my eye. Without Simon around, I needed a smaller dog and this little croissant looked just the job. I did think she’d be snapped up quickly so I assumed when I’d apply to rehome her, I wouldn’t be first in the queue.

    Nora sitting in the garden enjoying the weather.

    I learned Nora’s history from the Mayhew team – she’d been used for breeding and understood that she needed very special care. Meeting her I could see she was too thin; her coat was not looking very healthy, and her teats hung low and were clearly visible. She was painfully shy and a bit scared of new people. But at the end of the visit, she sniffed my ear as I sat on the floor. So, I said, this one had better come home with me!

    Fifteen months on and you’d never know she’s the same dog. She sleeps soundly right through the night, she eats well with no resource guarding issues, she loves her low-fat treats, she adores playing with other dogs and with humans. She can be hilarious, running towards me, suddenly stopping with a play bow that includes bottom in the air, then running away when I lift my arms. She could do that for hours. Her recall is great, she loves a long walk on the heath. Her need to be chased by other dogs has me laughing out loud.

    I’d had dogs as a child – Cairn Terriers but fostering for Mayhew meant that I learned so much more. I’ve also learned not to be judgemental about dogs. Nora is gorgeous and I’m very lucky to have her as my friend.”

    Nora looking relaxed surrounded by her bed and toys.

    At Mayhew, we see the difference the deep bond between dogs, cats and people makes to animal and human lives every day, and we work hard to protect that bond and ensure that people and pets are kept together.

    Whether we’re offering preventative veterinary treatments free of charge at the point of need, support services to animals and pet owners in the community – including our Pet Refuge service – or rescuing and rehoming dogs and cats who are looking for love for life, all our work recognises the importance and value of the human-animal bond.

    If you are looking for an animal companion, look at our adoption pages.

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