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    Stray dog finds new life in United States

    Within a few weeks, a family had been found – this time in America. Following a lot of correspondence and…

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    In their shoes: Tales from a Trustee

    Any favourite memories from your time as a Mayhew trustee? I have been a trustee for over 10 years, and…

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    The tragic tale of two kittens

    With kitten season well underway, it comes as no surprise when owners struggle cope with an influx of unexpected or…

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    Volunteering in India; a first-hand account

    Photography volunteer Anne Heslop recently visited the team at HOPE & Animal Trust to capture the amazing work they undertake…

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    Cats are a real marvel

    As written by our Cat Adoption Officer Matt Pearson. As I listen in, from the kitchen, to Enrique Iglesias’s seminal…

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    Mayhew Annual Review 2018

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    The tricky tick – protecting your dog this summer

    Be vigilant Check your dog regularly for ticks and immediately after walking them in areas where ticks can be prolific….

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    Saving Augustus – the stray cat with an alarming abscess

    When our Animal Welfare Officers were called out to help a stray cat with a severe head wound, they were…

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    An accidental ‘kit-nap’

    Five-month-old Kismis had been enjoying a happy life in Hounslow, when she unexpectedly found herself lost and alone over 10…

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