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    • 26 Oct, 2023

    What’s it like to rehome an older dog?

    We asked our Mayhew adopters to share their experiences of adopting an older dog.

    While we know that our ‘golden girls’ (and boys!) have so much love to give, they sometimes don’t get as many enquiries as our younger dogs. If you are considering adopting an older dog, our expert team are on hand to advise you through the process. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you’d be surprised just how much joy a more mature animal can bring to your life. They are house trained, well behaved and you see them with a fully formed personality. While they may need a little extra help or require more check ups at the vets, they have boundless love to give.

    We spoke to Scot who adopted two older Pomeranian girls, Thelma and Louise. They are firm friends like their film namesakes.

    Scot says: “I was looking for a Pomeranian dog that needed a home as my previous dog, Kira was the same breed, and while she was a handful, she was a totally fluffy ball of energy.

    I knew I wanted to get a rescue dog because you can meet the dog first and see if there is a connection. Also, you don’t know what personality of dog you will get even if you chose a puppy from a reputable breeder.

    Age wasn’t an issue for me, I was looking for a dog that really needed a home. So I searched Google for a Pomeranian that needed a home and discovered Mayhew had two dogs available.

     Twice as nice

    What caught my eye about Thelma and Louise is just how cute they are! They looked like they just wanted someone to sit and cuddle up with all day. I live near a lake and nature park, and I could see myself with these two going for long walks. With Thelma and Louise coming as a pair, and their age/medical history, I suspected that not a lot of people wouldn’t be able to manage with them; so I knew they needed a home.

    Adoption process

    Mayhew were great, I had a response the next day having completed the adoption form and was offered the chance to meet Thelma and Louise. After an initial phone call, we arranged for me to see the dogs at the foster carer’s house. We walked the dogs and they answered all my questions.

    Life with Thelma and Louise

    Older dogs are so relaxed. A 45-minute walk once a day is enough for them, they’ve never had an accident in the house, or chewed my sofa up, and they will happily sit by you all night if you let them. They are still like puppies in the playful sense, though. They love chasing each other around the house. They don’t play with toys but get super excited when they hear a squeaky toy, which is too cute.

    Thelma has had some health issues, but as she was insured this was all taken care of. My advice would be to get an annual health check at the vets, and to make sure their vaccinations are up to date. I was concerned about the price of per insurance for two older dogs, but it’s not that bad, really. It’s only about £10 more than what I was paying for a younger dog.

    Why adopt an older dog?

    For anyone looking at adopting an older dog, I’d say go and meet the dog and see them for yourself.

    Taking in an older dog is super rewarding, and they’re every bit as loving as a puppy. They don’t worry when you go out in the evening either. They’re quite happy to be left in the house for a couple of hours. I have a cam set-up, to check in them when I go out, it was a total waste of money, as it’s just a still frame of them asleep!

    Mayhew carry out a full pet health check, so you know what you’re getting into before you take the dog on. All dogs need a bit of care as they get on in life, so you have to think that you would have to do the same for a younger dog one day too, but with an older dog, you know you’re helping a pet that needs it.

    My dogs are just lovely, they get me out of the house and they’re great company. They’re the best thing I’ve done for my own mental health.”

    If you would like to give an older dog their forever home check out our adoption pages, especially for Belle, Molly, Tiny and River who are all more senior but just as loving: Dogs Archive – Mayhew (


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