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    • 27 Sep, 2018

    Can you help us stop rabies in Afghanistan?

    This World Rabies Day, Mayhew International is appealing for help to fund an outreach officer to improve understanding of this deadly disease amongst local groups and schools in Kabul, Afghanistan.

    world rabies day
    Rabies kills over 59,000 people worldwide every year and 96% of cases stem from dog bites. These deaths are 100% preventable.

    Thanks to you, we have already vaccinated over 16,000 dogs in Kabul. But to truly have a lasting impact, education is needed. We want to fund a local outreach officer to work with communities, schools, authorities and more to help improve their understanding of rabies and other diseases to change human behaviour and prevent more unnecessary deaths.

    Just £265 would cover a Community Awareness Officer’s salary for a whole month. Could you help by giving what you can today?

    world rabies day
    The Community Awareness Officer would work to build awareness of rabies prevention and what to do if bitten. They will also help build confidence about how to behave around free-roaming dogs and have compassion for animals.

    They will speak to people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, from school children to local community leaders. Through this, we can hope to see a real change in how people and animals live together in Kabul.

    £15 could cover a Community Awareness Officer’s salary for one day
    £25 could pay for a Community Awareness Officer’s travel costs for one month
    £50 could cover educational materials for two weeks
    £75 could cover a Community Awareness Officer’s salary for one week


    Please give what you can today.

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