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    • 15 Mar, 2021

    Spring updates from Mayhew Georgia

    In 2020, Mayhew Georgia made incredible progress: they neutered and vaccinated 1,054 free-roaming and community dogs, and provided training for four local vets!

    As we settle into the swing of 2021, we caught up with the team at Mayhew Georgia to find out more about their recent work.

    Amid the festivities for Orthodox Christmas (celebrated on 7 January), our Trap, Vaccinate, Neuter, Return programme in Tbilisi was put on hold from the third week in December 2019 until mid-January 2020. There then followed a curfew in Georgia due to strict measures to control the spike in coronavirus cases in the country; however, our vets were able to restart the programme on their return in January and continue their vital work.

    Our team is also working hard to continue its work with the mobile veterinary clinic Doggie Doc. Their collaborative programme, which focuses on neutering and vaccinating free-roaming and community-owned dogs in areas with no veterinary provision, has been on hold until spring due to harsh winter conditions which have made the more remote regions less accessible, but we plan to now target five new areas.

    A rescued puppy at Mayhew Georgia
    Helping dogs in need in Tbilisi

    Mayhew Georgia’s Veterinary Surgeon Dr Ana and the team have recently been helping a vulnerable dog owner in the city who was struggling to cope. Local doggy day care provider Barbare contacted us about an owner with several puppies who were in a severe condition and were diagnosed with canine parvovirus. Luckily, with the help of Barbare and under the guidance of Dr Ana, the puppies were treated in isolation and thankfully have recovered. Most of them have also found new homes, with Mayhew Georgia covering their vaccinations and neutering. This is a sensitive and ongoing case which our team continues to work on. We hope to share an update later in the year.


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