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Between 2014 and 2018 Mayhew advised Tbilisi City Council on the inception of a dog population management programme. Mayhew’s Vet team provided extensive veterinary training in small animal reproductive surgery and care to Georgian vets, students and nurses. There is now a core group of Georgian vets competent in small animal veterinary care working with Mayhew Georgia who deliver further training and carry out surgeries for Mayhew Georgia’s funded  programme.

What we've achieved

4,227 dogs neutered

3,905 dogs vaccinated against rabies

3,921 dogs vaccinated against common canine diseases

5 vet professionals trained

Supporting free-roaming dogs

Mayhew Georgia funds a free Trap, Vaccinate, Neuter, Return (TVNR) programme in Tbilisi, not only vaccinating the dogs against rabies but also administering a complex vaccine which protects dogs against common canine infectious diseases such as parvo-virus and distemper - still common in Georgia.

Georgian dog-lovers can bring their community dogs for neutering and vaccination to any of the four commercial clinics in Tbilisi, through which we deliver the programme. All these clinics have Mayhew trained vets to ensure that the surgery and care is carried out in accordance with international guidelines and best practice.

With this programme established in Tbilisi, Mayhew Georgia is now planning to expand its services into the towns and regions outside of the capital, where there are a lot of free-roaming dogs but little veterinary provision. In the autumn of 2019, we travelled to the resort of Anaklia on the Black Sea coast at the request of the local authorities to assess how we could help with the free-roaming beach & village dogs and in 2020 we are piloting a collaboration with Doggie Doc, a mobile vet clinic.

Veterinary training

By providing veterinary and shelter management training to Georgian vets, Mayhew has also helped improve animal welfare standards for dogs and cats in Tbilisi.

Our vet team worked extensively with Tbilisi Municipal Shelter between 2014 and 2018, and we have held several practical workshops in small animal reproductive surgery at the Georgian Free Agrarian University. Our London based Community Vet Clinic has donated equipment to the Municipal Shelter.

Mayhew Georgia’s vet Dr Ana is now passing on her Mayhew vet training to other Georgian vets through regular mentoring.

Mayhew Georgia has four partner vet clinics on board to help us deliver the TVNR programme in Tbilisi. They are New Vet Clinic, Free Agrarian University Clinic, VetLife and VetEx.

Meet the team - Dr Ana

Mayhew Georgia’s vet is Dr Ana Metskhvarishvili DVM. Mayhew first met Ana in 2014 when she was a veterinary student at the Free Agrarian University in Tbilisi. Ana volunteered with all our training trips to Georgia over the following years and even after graduation. Her interest in animal welfare and dedication to helping the homeless dogs and cats of Georgia landed her a training place with Mayhew’s Community Veterinary Clinic in London and we were delighted to have Ana on board as part of Mayhew Georgia from 2018.