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    • 07 Mar, 2019

    Saved from the bonnet of a car

    While in Tbilisi, the Mayhew team made an unexpected rescue.

    Travelling in vet Dr Dato’s car one day, they heard a mewing coming from the engine. Dato stopped his car, pulled up the bonnet and, to his surprise, discovered a tiny kitten inside. Thankfully, the kitten – now aptly named Bonnet – was okay, albeit a little scared.

    The team took him back to the New Vet Clinic, where he was given lots of love and care to help him recover from his ordeal. After a spell in a foster home, he was then old enough to be neutered and vaccinated, and he soon found a forever home with a local Georgian family. Bonnet definitely chose the right car to hide in!

    Mayhew International

    Many of the places in which we work have large numbers of free-roaming animals living in their communities, just like Bonnet. Our teams are working to help both these animals and local pets and their owners.

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