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Mayhew has two branches overseas: Mayhew Afghanistan and Mayhew Georgia

Our work overseas

We address issues around free-roaming dog and cat populations, assisting local and national governments to proactively deliver programmes in a more humane and effective way.

We also provide capacity building for the local veterinary profession through access to training and work to change people’s behaviours and attitudes towards animals.

Our goals

To improve animal welfare; to encourage people to treat animals with care and respect and to spread Mayhew’s ethos in Afghanistan and Georgia

To control, contain and reduce free-roaming dog and cat populations in a humane way

To work towards eradicating rabies and other zoonotic diseases that are spread between humans and animals

To improve veterinary standards and build capacity within the local veterinary profession through access to training and development

Our projects

Population management

We work to provide sustainable solutions to contain and control free-roaming dog and cat populations in a humane way.

Disease control

We work to protect lives, both animal and human, through the promotion and delivery of vaccination programmes for dogs with the aim of eradicating canine-mediated rabies and the most common infectious diseases in dogs.

Vet training

We offer veterinary training for vets and other veterinary professionals in small animal reproductive surgery, pre and post-operative care, shelter medicine and animal care and welfare.

Empowering local communities

We are helping to create safer communities for both animals and people.

Support our work overseas

We are solely funded by the generous donations of the public, and receive no help from the government. If you would like to support our work, please consider giving a donation today.


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