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Success in India

Since 2008, we funded an Animal Birth Control and Vaccination programme with HOPE and Animal Trust, a local Indian animal welfare charity. We’ve helped them to secure a safer and healthier free-roaming dog population and educate the local community about rabies and the welfare of these dogs.

What we've achieved

Dogs neutered


Dogs vaccinated against rabies


Mayhew International in India

Street and community dogs in India are faced with a number of threats to their welfare, including disease, scarcity of food and abuse. HOPE’s neutering and vaccination programme helps reduce and prevent their suffering.

In our time funding the Animal Birth Control and vaccination programme with HOPE, their team has neutered and vaccinated over 90,000 dogs, which is over 72% of the recorded dog population. Ranchi now has a stable dog population, with no growth in the number of dogs on the streets, and with no recorded human deaths from rabies in the city since 2017.

We’ve worked to support HOPE & Animal Trust with capacity building, which has involved several Mayhew vets spending time in Ranchi over the years. Our Afghanistan Country Director, Dr Mo, worked with the team at HOPE & Animal Trust to redesign and modernise their veterinary clinic, and we’ve helped train local vets in the latest neutering techniques, skills and expertise, which have then been passed on to others. In total, 47 local vets have been trained during our collaboration.

We also funded an Education Officer to visit local communities and schools. The education and awareness programme has reached well over 500,000 people and has had a hugely positive impact on the behaviours and compassion towards free-roaming animals.

The team at HOPE are now in a strong position to carry on their great work. In 2020, Mayhew International was able to bring this collaboration to an end, knowing that the animals and communities in Ranchi are in excellent hands.

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