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    • 03 Apr, 2017

    Our Work Overseas and in the UK – World Stray Day

    At The Mayhew Animal Home we are marking today’s World Stray Day with news on our work not just in the UK but overseas.

    Our work overseas spans Afghanistan, Georgia, Russia, India and Nepal and has helped thousands of stray dogs and cats. We provide veterinary training to professional vets and vet students and fund long-term animal welfare, Trap Vaccinate Neuter and Release (TVNR) and rabies prevention programmes. We promote the benefits of neutering and work towards a sustainable animal welfare and compassionate approach in the countries where we work. The vets we train go on to train other professional vets and students so the skills we teach are passed on to help even more dogs and cats. We provide veterinary training out in the field as well as at our on-site Vet Clinic at the Home.

    Since 2012 Mayhew International has help to fund the neutering of 53,794 dogs and 3055 cats and the vaccination of nearly 52,384 dogs.


    Our recent registration as an NGO in Afghanistan enables us to focus on a long-term and sustainable animal welfare strategy starting in the capital city, Kabul, for free-roaming dogs. We signed a landmark agreement so that Kabul City authorities have halted the cruel practice of dog culling street dogs and we will work with them to plan and implement a mass rabies vaccination and humane Trap Vaccinate Neuter and Release (TVNR) programme. The Mayhew has been working tirelessly in Afghanistan since 2001 to improve the welfare of dogs and cats and tackle the issue of stray and street animals in Kabul. Over the years, Mayhew International’s Dr. Mohammadzai DVM has also provided extensive veterinary training for vets and vet students at Kabul University and in shelters, as well as provide veterinary care and surgery for the free-roaming dogs and cats in Kabul.

    Read Rufus’s story here.


    In Georgia we carry out extensive veterinary training at Tbilisi’s Municipal Dog Shelter, the largest in the city, so that the vets in Georgia can implement improved protocols for pain management, animal handling and asepsis as well as advanced neutering and sterilisation procedures. We fund a TVNR programme with Dog Organisation Georgia and also work with the Agrarian University Vet Clinic in Tbilisi which is headed by Mariam Chkhikvishvili who joined our International Vet Training Programme in 2009. Our bespoke veterinary training can also equip professional vets to help dogs and cats in other regions outside of the Georgian capital.


    In Moscow we provide veterinary training to vets who work for animal welfare charities helping street dogs and cats.

    Charities we sponsor and support include PetFund who give street and shelter dogs in Moscow a better life by rehabilitating, socialising and training them as therapy dogs, such as Charlotta below. We sponsor charity Fond Dingo’s spay and neutering programmes that helps pet owners in private apartment shelters and assists hoarding cases and pet owners on very limited income with their animals. Mayhew International also works with Ekologia Cheloveka and funds the vets that neuter street dogs for a Trap, Neuter, Release programme in Moscow and the surrounding regions.


    We continue to sponsor the vet team at Hope & Animal Trust in Ranchi who have neutered and vaccinated thousands of dogs against rabies. We also sponsor an education officer who visits local communities, talking with adults and children and using a range of initiatives including interactive competitions, meet and greets in villages and school presentations. Our compassion and welfare education programme has reach 270,155 people since 2014.

    The Mayhew at Home

    And of course, we are continually helping the stray cats and dogs that end up at our Home in London. This year we helped dumped cat Kimmie who was skinny, covered in engine oil and was found dumped in the cold and rain. We also came to the aid of pregnant stray, Mimi, who was only a young cat herself and was found giving birth to her six kittens in a shed. Read Mimi’s story here.

    Poor 15 month old dog, Abbey, was found underweight, soaking wet and shivering in a Park Royal canal. Our Animal Welfare Officers rushed to her rescue and brought her into our care where our vet team checked her over and later found that she had a chronic ear infection that needed surgery to remove her entire ear canal. Now recovered, we are looking for her forever home. Read Abbey’s full story here and adopt her here.

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