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  • Over 6,000 dogs will be vaccinated, thanks to you!
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    • 14 Oct, 2019

    Over 6,000 dogs will be vaccinated, thanks to you!

    For World Rabies Day 2019, Mayhew International set out to raise £10,000 to vaccinate 10,000 dogs in Kabul, Afghanistan, against rabies.

    Rabies is a fatal disease, and is extremely common in Afghanistan. Without a vaccine, the disease has a 99.9% fatality rate. Rabies is transmitted through saliva, scratches and bites, and can be passed from human to human, dog to human and dog to dog. Dog’s don’t always show signs of being rabid, making the risk of contracting the disease extremely high. Sadly, in Afghanistan, dogs are the most common source of rabies.

    This year, in the lead-up to World Rabies day, we set out to raise £10,000 to vaccinate 10,000 dogs in Kabul. £1 will vaccinate 1 dog, and these vaccinations will save the lives of both dogs and humans. Our aim is to have raised the £10,000 by the end of 2019, and thanks to your help, we are more that half way there!

    Before our Afghanistan team started our mass rabies vaccination programme in Kabul back in 2001, over 1,800 people died there each year from rabies. Many of these deaths were children. Since then, Mayhew International has been working to improve and save the lives of the local community and street dogs alike.

    Thanks to all of you who have supported us so far, we have raised an incredible £6,030, meaning that we can vaccinate 6030 dogs in Kabul, and help save their lives and the lives of the local community members.

    Our campaign will keep running, with the aim of reaching our £10,000 goal by the close of the year.

    £1 will vaccinate 1 dog, and help eradicate rabies in Kabul.

    With your help, we can prevent rabies from taking any more lives.


    One Pound One Life

    If you can donate just £1 today, you will ensure that one dog is vaccinated against the fatal rabies disease, saving a dog's life and a person's life too. Please donate today.

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