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    • 11 Feb, 2020

    Meet Mayhew’s Lonely Hearts Club

    Every year, we are called out to help cats that have been left behind, are living outside or are no longer wanted. A lot of these cats are unneutered males and we often get calls about these big bruisers being injured and needing medical attention. Once we visit and assess the situation, a large number of these cats will actually be suitable to be re-homed rather than continuing their life of hardship on the street. They tend to be big gentle giants but some will not have learnt as many cat manners and can show some ‘bitey’ behaviours through over-stimulation.

    This can mean that some cats stay for a long time in our care because they are not seen as the ‘perfect pet’. They may still sit on laps and play, purr and be a loyal companion, but their other behaviours mean they can be overlooked and left unloved.

    The Lonely Hearts Club

    cats in need of adoption

    The lonely hearts club at Mayhew consists of four sad male souls and a female who just can’t seem to catch a break: Ollie, Harry, Louie, Joseph and Linda have either had little interest or a few failed romances during their time here. But they still bravely put themselves out there on the Mayhew dating scene, hoping to find the one. The boys are a bit rough round the edges but all display curious personalities. They want to please but can get a little carried away, and have a habit of ruining the moment. An overexcited nip here, a misspent youth there…

    Linda is the polar opposite. She’s a cat with tons of untapped potential that only the most special people can see. Although she is a bit of a shrinking violet, once she feels safe she is all in and she will show you a new side to her that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    They say there is someone out there for everyone, and we are trying so hard to find this sad quintet the love and support they need. They may miss out on a ‘Happy Valentine’s’ in time for this year, but we hope that they will never be lonely again. This is why we need your help to share these extra special cats the home they deserve.

    Written by Matthew Pearson, Cat Adoption Officer


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