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    • 07 May, 2017

    Mayhew International in Georgia

    Our Mayhew International Team are currently busy in Georgia giving extensive veterinary training and advice and treating sick and injured cats and dogs in the shelters there.  Our Vet Team spent two days at the Tbilisi Municipal Shelter neutering, spaying and giving veterinary treatment and care to the cats and dogs. A cat that came in with leg wounds caused by a pellet gun and ringworm was immediately seen to by our Head Vet, Dr. Ursula Goetz.

    During the night another case arrived at the shelter. A black and white dog was injured in a road traffic accident and Dr. Ursula operated on him to amputate his leg.  A small pup also came in with a terrible front leg injury from a road traffic accident. Dr. Ursula amputated his front leg, teaching and demonstrating to the shelter staff the amputation procedure for both dogs. In no time at all the dogs were feeling a lot better, recovering and up on their paws.

    Our team travelled to Gori, a city 53 miles west of Tbilisi.  Dato, a Tbilisi shelter vet who has been trained by Mayhew International, passed on his learnt skills and trained a vet at the Gori shelter  neutering and spaying techniques as well as teaching preventative care. The cats and dogs come into the shelters with severe flea and tick infestations and our team show the vets how to treat and deal with the parasites. Take a look at our Georgia timeline below.

    On Sunday Mayhew International, as part of our visit to Georgia, sponsored a special spay day at the Veterinary Clinic of the Agricultural University together with Dog Organization Georgia (DOG). A total of 27 dogs were tagged, sterilised and vaccinated. It was also a great opportunity for veterinary students to see and practice the skills, techniques and procedures required for the large scale spaying and neutering of dogs. It was an amazing day as three generations of Georgian vets trained by our International Vet Training Programme, Mariam, Mao and Ana, were passing on their skills to vet students.

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