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    • Happily Rehomed
    • 10 Apr, 2019

    House hunting for Hugo

    When a young couple first met Hugo earlier this year, it was love at first sight.

    They bonded immediately, and Zoe and Aaron knew straight away they wanted to welcome the four-year-old Beagle in to their lives. Luckily, they had recently moved into a pet-friendly property, and so it seemed the stars were aligned. Despite the verbal assurances from the estate agent that Zoe and Aaron would be able to bring a dog home, however, their formal request to adopt Hugo was refused by their new landlord.

    The couple were devastated, and their dreams seemed to fall away from under them.

    However, Zoe and Aaron weren’t going to give up on Hugo that easily; just a few days later, they gave notice to their landlord, having only been in the new house for a few short weeks.

    Knowing there was every chance Hugo could be adopted by someone else whilst they found perfect place, Zoe and Aaron had to move quickly. They searched day and night to find a suitable property that would definitely allow dogs, and hoped with all their hearts that Hugo would one day be theirs.

    Luckily it seemed fate was finally on their side – Zoe and Aaron came across the perfect property just a few days later, and received the go-ahead to move in (and more importantly, adopt Hugo!) straight away.

    “It was a really stressful experience, but we were desperate to have Hugo” Zoe said.

    “Aaron especially had really bonded with him, and we would have done anything necessary to make him ours. In the end, that meant renting two houses and moving twice in a month – but it was worth every second of hassle and every pound spent to finally bring Hugo home!”


    Hugo's adopter

    Whilst Hugo may not realise the lengths Zoe and Aaron had to go to to adopt him, he undoubtedly feels as blessed to have them as they are to have him.

    His favourite thing to do is stretch out front of the fire after long days spent socialising and exploring, and he is as happy as can be to have a home and a family at last.

    The same can finally be said for Zoe and Aaron themselves – two houses, two weeks and one dog later!


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