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    • 12 Feb, 2018

    Elderly Lady in Russia Found Living With 65 Animals

    Our Mayhew International team in Russia has been supporting a number of Moscow charities with spay and neutering programmes for dogs and cats. We have been working with one such charity, Fond Dingo, since 2012.

    Last month, Fond Dingo and Mayhew Alumni Vet, Dr Rina Vorobyeva, travelled to the town of Alexandrov to visit a lady who was living in very challenging circumstances. She had approximately 65 animals in her apartment, most of which were cats. Her living conditions were extremely poor and she had become overwhelmed by the number of animals she was trying to help.  She contacted Fond Dingo for help with getting some of the animals neutered.

    Dr Rina and the Fond Dingo vet team were able to neuter 50 of the cats and two dogs for her.  They also advised her not to take in any more cats and to try and rehome some of the animals locally to get the number of animals to a more manageable level. By neutering as many of the animals as possible, our sponsored Fond Dingo team have prevented the current animals from reproducing and adding to the problem. They also gave her tips on disease control and improving hygiene as the current conditions were endangering not only the health and welfare of the cats but her own too.

    Dr. Rina Vorobyeva

    Situations such as these are quite common in Russia. Lonely, frequently older people living in very difficult circumstances take in cats and dogs from the streets and it quickly gets out of control. In some of these more provincial areas, there is very limited infrastructure for helping the people and they rarely have access to any form of veterinary provision to help with such cases.

    This is just one of the many welfare scenarios we see in the Moscow region and why we continue to support Fond Dingo with spaying and neutering programmes. The programme covers street dogs and cats, rescue shelters, pet owners on very low incomes and where there are no easily accessible veterinary provisions.

    We need your help to continue our work

    Mayhew International receives no government funding and relies on the generous donations from supporters to continue helping, training and funding vaccination programmes and animal birth control projects for thousands of animals around the world.

    The task is huge and we still need your help. Please consider a donation, so we can continue our vital work in Russia.

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