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  • World’s best Mum at The Mayhew: Daisy the cat adopts three abandoned kittens after losing her own
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    • 06 Jun, 2014

    World’s best Mum at The Mayhew: Daisy the cat adopts three abandoned kittens after losing her own

    When a stray cat was brought into The Mayhew with her three small kittens, staff knew there was something special about Daisy.

    From giving birth, Daisy had been nurturing her three young kittens outside and on her own which is tricky enough, but all three kittens were slightly deformed and had no use of their lower limbs. It is remarkable that Daisy could look after these kittens alone and for so long.

    When a member of the public found them and brought them in, The Mayhew gave mum and babies a health check and the prognosis for the kittens was sadly not good, and the difficult decision was made to humanely put the little kittens to sleep.

    The Mayhew is currently hand rearing several young kittens that have been rejected by their mothers. Staff are working around the clock to care for them but it is no real replacement for a loving feline mother.

    The team decided to see if Daisy might take on the role of mum for three kittens currently being hand reared. Snuggle Bear, Kitten Bear and Bozo were just a day old when they were abandoned by their mother, and after caring form them for 5 days, a dedicated member of the public brought them in to The Mayhew.

    Thanks to the dedication of the staff and the kind gentleman who brought them in, the three young kittens were doing well, and staff thought it was worth a try to see if Daisy might take on the three little ones and give them the care only a mother can give.

    Daisy was remarkable, and took to the little ones instantly. And since then they have been inseparable as she fulfils her role as surrogate mother.

    “Daisy is a really special cat whose mothering instincts defied all odds. She really is world’s best mum”

    The cats will remain together until the kittens are old enough to be weaned and then they will all be rehomed from The Mayhew.

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