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    • 02 Oct, 2015

    World Animal Day and The Mayhew

    World Animal Day is a day to speak up for animals who have no voice and to improve welfare standards around the world. And that is exactly what we do at The Mayhew both in the UK and internationally.

    So far this year we’ve rehomed 345 cats and dogs, united 37 dogs with their owners, neutered 1477 pets at our Vet Clinic and microchipped 899 pets.

    Our Animal Welfare Officers work in local communities and across London to combat animal abuse and neglect and they work tirelessly to ensure that the cats and dogs reach the safety and care offered by us. During this year alone they have helped a whopping 920 animals in the community. They also carry out hundreds of hours of work behind the scenes working with pet owners to prevent animal welfare issues arising in the first place. The team educate and increase awareness on animal welfare issues including visiting schools and community groups to give educational talks on behaviour around dogs, responsible pet ownership and cat, dog and rabbit welfare.


    We provide a leading adoption service for unwanted or neglected animals giving the highest quality matching of dogs and cats with their new homes so that animals and families have the perfect match.

    Our Community Vet Clinic gives excellent quality treatments to dogs and cats providing low cost ad affordable neutering, vaccination, worming and defleaing to maintain the health of pets.


    Mayhew International is our overseas arm that works in a range of countries including India, Georgia, Russia, Afghanistan and Nepal. Mayhew International promotes dog and cat welfare and the humane management of homeless cats and dogs working with communities and in-country partners. We also carry out neutering and rabies vaccination programmes and we have carried out the world’s first dog survey in Afghanistan surveying street dogs for a rabies vaccination programme. In 2014 alone, we helped to neuter 7,500 dogs and cats overseas, vaccinated 11,800 dogs against rabies in India and trained 83 vets, paravets, vet students and shelter workers in developing countries.


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