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    • 22 Jul, 2020

    Why I’ve left a gift in my will

    A special message from Mayhew supporter, Anne Harvey.

    “I have loved animals all my life and have always wanted to make sure they are cared for properly. One of my earliest memories is taking our cat Peter to the vets when I was a little girl. I’ll never forget how gentle the vet was and how he made sure Peter had all the care he needed.

    Now that I have retired, I want to make sure that other animals get that same love and attention. That’s why I am supporting the work of Mayhew with a gift in my will. They do so much for animals and I know that by helping them in this way that my love for animals will live on.

    I hope that – if you are an animal lover like me – you might consider making a gift in your will too.

    I first came across Mayhew when I retired from my work as a teacher. I wanted to get a cat, and I found an advertisement showing the cats and dogs that they had for adoption.When I went along I was very impressed by all the work they did. They’re not just a rehoming centre, they help people in the community as well, making sure that people with very little money can get treatment for their pets. They do so much, like their project TheraPaws where they take dogs into care homes to give people companionship.

    There’s always so much going on and they are forever coming up with new ideas for ways to help animals in need.

    A few years ago, the cattery at Mayhew was transformed thanks to a gift in someone’s will. When I saw just what a difference it made, I decided that I would make the same type of gift too. I know that Mayhew will use the gift wisely and to the benefit of the animals in their care. Making a gift in your will is a marvellous way you can make sure they stay strong for the future. Who else will be there to look after pets in need?

    There’s only one Mayhew and it’s a very special place.

    Best wishes,

    Anne Harvey”

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