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    • 29 Aug, 2018

    What breed of dog are you?

    Take our fun, quick quiz below to find out what breed of dog best fits your pawsonality!

    What best describes your personality?

    a) I am fun, energetic and a little bit cheeky! I am always making people laugh. I can also be a little impatient at times.

    b) I am popular and a bit of a socialite. I get along with almost anyone and I can always put a smile on people’s faces. Sometimes I can be a little clingy as I love being in good company!

    c) People describe me as gentle and loving. I am well-mannered and would prefer to do something quiet in my spare time like reading a book. I can be sensitive at times, especially in places that are too loud.

    d) I have been told I have a kind nature, that I am easy going and tolerant. I am very family and friends orientated and you can always count on me. I can also be a little clumsy at times, as I get overexcited and forget where I am going!

    What kind of home would best suit you?

    a) A home right next to a park or the beach

    b) A modern flat in the city

    c) A home in the peaceful countryside

    d) A family home, where freshly baked goods are always in the kitchen

    What is an important quality you look for in a best friend?

    a) Someone playful and energetic who will go on adventures with me

    b) Someone who always wants to hang out and do social activities

    c) Someone who I can relax and watch movies with

    d) Someone loyal and who I can trust to tell all my secrets to

    What is your favourite thing to do on the weekends?

    a) Biking, skating, playing a sport or anything that involves using energy

    b) Going into town to check out the shops and be around people

    c) A nice quiet spot to read a book

    d) Hiking, running and lots of swimming

    What did you want to be when you were a child?

    a) An astronaut

    b) A hairdresser – I can talk to people all day long!

    c) An artist

    d) Open a family business

    How would you describe your ‘grooming’ routine?

    a) What is a hairbrush?

    b) High maintenance. I need to wash my hair and brush it daily to keep it looking stylish

    c) A quick comb and I am good to go

    d) My hair is naturally thick and soft, so I don’t need to do much to it

    Check your answer below…

    Mostly A: You are a jack russell! You are excitable and fun to be around. You are always the first one in the group to suggest a new game.

    Mostly B: You are a bichon frise! You keep up with the latest fashion trends and always like to look your best. Your idea of fun is a spa session.

    Mostly C: You are a whippet! You have a sporty side and are especially good at running. However, you also enjoy relaxing and watching Netflix.

    Mostly D: You are a labrador! Always jolly and finding the positives in life, you are a sociable person with a close connection to your family.

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