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    • 06 Aug, 2019

    Volunteer blog: Fun and games in events and fundraising!

    This blog was written by events and fundraising volunteer Trixie.

    What I enjoy most about being an events volunteer is how varied it is!

    My role is to be part of events organised or attended by Mayhew, raise awareness of the work we do and most importantly to raise funds. I have attended several events since joining the team of volunteers in 2018, including The Great Rescue Ramble, Mayhew’s Christmas Fair, the Cattery Easter Party, Hammersmith Festival and Hounds on the Heath!

    I was looking to spend my spare time in a meaningful way when I came across Mayhew in a Facebook forum for local residents of North West London. I contacted them immediately to find out how I could get involved, and after a short telephone interview with the Events Coordinator and a face to face induction and training session, I was able to join the team. I have always loved animals (I grew up with dogs) and I am at my happiest when I’m cuddling a dog, so I was excited to do something that would bring me closer to these amazing four-legged creatures as well as my local community.

    I work full time as an HR manager in London, so the time I can dedicate to Mayhew is restricted to weekends and bank holidays. I soon found out that this was no problem at all and I could still add value to the organisation. Volunteers are expected to participate in a minimum of three events per year, which is very doable and easy to fit around even the busiest of schedules. I find Mayhew accommodating when it comes to participation and this flexibility is key for me; sometimes I can commit to a full day while other times I only have time to do a half day shift, but I have never felt pressured to take on more than what I was comfortable with.

    We receive regular email updates about news and upcoming volunteering opportunities and there is also a very handy mobile app where volunteers are notified of all events and can keep track of the hours we’ve worked. I even managed to convince my boyfriend to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon in 2019 for Mayhew, so there are plenty of ways for anyone to get involved.

    When it comes to the role itself, what I enjoy most about being an events volunteer is how varied it is. I have done so many different things: roamed around Hampstead Heath wearing a giant dog costume, made arts and crafts with children visiting Mayhew, flipped veggie burgers on the BBQ – no two events are ever the same!

    One of the funniest moments was when I asked a little girl whether her dog had any bad habits and she replied: ‘He poops and he eats poop’ – it made me laugh out loud! Another memorable moment was meeting Pops, the sausage dog who is one of our TheraPaws volunteers and my favourite celebrity on Instagram. My proudest moment was when I was mentioned in Mayhew’s volunteer appreciation video for doing a 5K walk dressed as Monty the mascot.

    It is wonderful to connect with people who attend our events – most of them are eager to tell you about their beloved pets and I love listening to their stories! It is also incredibly energising to be around like-minded people who are so driven, passionate and dedicated. It gives me a confidence boost and a huge burst of energy every time I spend time with the volunteers and staff members at Mayhew. It is a beautiful community which I am very proud to be a part of!

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