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    • 14 Oct, 2016

    The Mayhew Welcomes Visitors From Around the World

    The Mayhew has had quite a few visitors recently from all around the world! Read on to find out more about our international friends and what they learned during their time spent with us.


    University of Tokyo student, Angelia (pictured above with TheraPaws dog Chloe), visited us to help inform her studies in animal therapy as part of her health degree.  Angelia joined us on a TheraPaws visit to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

    She met up with volunteer Nathania and wonderful TheraPaws dog Chloe and went round a dementia ward speaking to patients and watching how much they enjoyed a dog visit. A huge benefit of dog visits is that language is not a barrier, so one lady who only spoke French got just as much enjoyment from interacting with Chloe as everyone else did.

    Angelia also took a tour around The Mayhew Animal Home and was very impressed with the spaces we have for the animals and the care that we put into making sure they are well looked after.


    Cris, who works with the organisation INATAA, does pet therapy work similar to our TheraPaws programme with her dog in Brazil. She visits a cardiac hospital and a rehabilitation centre for injured police officers in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Though Sao Paulo has a population much larger than London, INATAA  has 10 different pet therapy organisations working in the region alone.

    Cris was interested in finding out more about other countries’ approaches to pet therapy and so of course came to experience the work that TheraPaws does in London.

    Cris with Sue and TheraPaws dog Cosmo

    Cris with Sue and TheraPaws dog Cosmo

    Cris got to meet many of our two and four-legged volunteers including Sue and TheraPaws dog Cosmo. Cris thought our work was fantastic and was glad to see how accepting centres and hospitals are in allowing dogs to be brought in.

    Read more about our pet therapy programme TheraPaws here.


    The Israeli Animal Defence Force came to visit The Mayhew as part of their tour of animal charities in the UK. The IADF is a volunteer run charity, rescuing stray animals, giving medical care and then finding loving homes for them in Israel.

    They were very interested in our rescue work, especially the Animal Welfare Wfficers’ work in the community and how The Mayhew offers help and advice to the public and their animals. We were able to introduce the IADF to our team of Animal Welfare Officers who provide ongoing support to carers and pet owners in difficulty, respond to animal welfare issues out in the community, deliver a range of initiatives, (including a Trap, Neuter, Return programme for London’s feral cats), and collaborate with government and non-government agencies to address the challenges of irresponsible ownership.

    The IADF thought our rescue home was very well designed and loved seeing how we keep the animals in our care happy and comfortable. Read more about our Animal Welfare Officers.

    Hong Kong 

    Shuping Ho, Welfare Research & Development Officer for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, visited us all the way from Hong Kong and met with our Animal Welfare Manager Zoe Edwards to find out more about our community outreach projects.

    Zoe and Shuping discussed our Trap, Neuter and Return programme, as there are many cat colonies in London and it is important that they are neutered to prevent further breeding and health checked to prevent the spread of diseases such as FIV and FeLV.

    We were able to show Shuping how our Animal Welfare Officers respond to calls from the general public, trapping the cats on location to bring them back to The Mayhew for neutering and health checks. They then re-release the neutered adult cats back to their colony location, providing the area is suitable and a safe environment for them. If litters of kittens under 8 weeks old are brought in, then in the majority of cases the litter will remain at The Mayhew to be socialised and then put up for adoption.


    Our Animal Welfare Manager Zoe Edwards with Shuping outside The Mayhew


    We also received a visit from Elena and Alisa from Moscow who are planning to launch a rescue and rehoming shelter in Moscow city. They have previously visited us, meeting and discussing plans with with our CEO, Caroline, and getting an insight and understanding into our operations.

    We’d like to say a big “thank you” to our visitors for coming all the way around the world to see us and hope they can spread our message of helping animals in need by delivering a broad range of community-based animal care, education and welfare projects.

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