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    • 31 Jan, 2015

    The Mayhew’s response to EastEnders’ dog breeding story line

    The Mayhew was very disappointed  to hear about the BBC show EastEnders confirming a story line relating to the breeding of one of the characters dogs “Lady Di” a British Bulldog.

    The story is set to follow the Carter family, who want to breed their dog for the sole purpose of making money. They soon find out that she is accidentally impregnated by another character’s dog, a Bearded Collie cross. They eventually have non-pedigree puppies which are sold for very modest sums of money.

    We feel that not only is the show condoning irresponsible breeding, but they are also demonstrating a lax attitude towards dog ownership.

    Animal welfare organisations and shelters across the country are constantly full and experience great challenges in trying to respond to the large numbers of unwanted dogs that come from accidental litters or an impulse purchase online, via a friend or from a pet shop. Taking on dog requires thought and commitment both financial and time wise, so portraying dogs as cheap items to be bought and sold without thought for their health and welfare needs underlines the challenges facing dog welfare today.

    We would hope that a popular show like EastEnders could develop the story line as a means to raise awareness of the dog overpopulation crisis  in our society, encourage neutering and adoption of dogs from reputable rescue centres.

    The Mayhew advocates neutering as the most humane method of population control and in 2006 we initiated our flagship Free Bullbreed Neutering Scheme to stem the overpopulation of Staffies and Bullbreeds in our midst. So far we have neutered 3,626 dogs free of charge since this scheme began.

    We also provide low-cost neutering for all dogs. For more details see our Appointments are available Monday to Friday and can be made with our clinic receptionist on 020 8968 2447 or by email.

    Free Bullbreed Neutering Programme

    To qualify for our Free Bullbreed neutering service, your dog must have the physical characteristics of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT) or SBT crossbreed, as verified by the Mayhew Vet team.

    The scheme also incorporates other ‘Bull breeds’ including: the English Bull Terrier, the American Bulldog, the Presa Canario, British Bulldogs and Bull Mastiffs.

    This unique scheme was initiated at The Mayhew in 2006 to help reduce the overpopulation of these breed types and stem the number of these unwanted dogs arriving at rescue centres.

    C4 scheme

    The ‘C4′ scheme, established in 2002, is a joint initiative by major animal charities working in Greater London to tackle the problem of too many cats. The Mayhew Community Veterinary Clinic is a participating practice in this scheme.

    You are eligible for free neutering if you live within this area and: a. You own the cat, and you receive either State benefit OR State pension OR Council tax benefit OR Housing benefit. b. You are a full time student c. You are on a low household income d. The cat is a stray which you have been feeding for at least 14 days

    Proof that the owner is eligible has to be provided on the day of the appointment.

    Neutering Appointments – What Happens?

    An admittance time between 8am and 9am on the day of surgery will be arranged for you and your pet with a Mayhew vet. On admittance, the vet will check your pet and explain the procedure that it will undergo.

    You will usually be able to collect your pet in the afternoon between 3 and 5pm. A member of staff will discuss post-operative after-care and information will be given to you to take home.

    After the operation

    Pets can be collected towards the end of the day of surgery and taken back home. You will be given post-operative care advice and information when you come to pick up your pet. The two main points to be aware of are

    1. The animal must not interfere with the wound after surgery for at least 7-10 days. We offer everybody the opportunity to purchase a buster collar for a minimal cost to prevent their animal interfering with the wound, which can lead to infection and post operative complications. If complications do occur, you may have to pay for the related aftercare.

    2. The animal must be kept restrained meaning they should not be jumping up and down, run off lead etc.

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