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  • The Mayhew Animal Home urges people to use it’s low cost veterinary services in memory of Kieren
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    • 19 May, 2014

    The Mayhew Animal Home urges people to use it’s low cost veterinary services in memory of Kieren

    On Friday the 16th May, Kieren the rabbit who was found abandoned and neglected in Queen’s Park on Wednesday last week (14th) was humanely put to sleep at The Mayhew Animal Home, after being diagnosed with Mxyomatosis, a fatal virus. This causes acute conjunctivitis that leads to blindness and secondary bacterial infections. Rabbits suffer terribly with this disease and quality of life and prognosis are extremely poor.

    The condition is preventable by vaccination and Kieren’s condition was totally unnecessary.

    The response to Kieren’s plight after we released the news last week was remarkable and we are touched by the messages of support we have received from caring members of the public.

    The Mayhew will continue to respond to emergency cases of neglect such as Kieren’s and work tirelessly to prevent these cases from appearing. We want to see a society where cases like this never happen, but we have a long way to go.

    The Mayhew is urging people to spread the word about our low cost veterinary services which are available to everyone. As well as vaccinations, The Mayhew offers free and low cost neutering, defleaing, deworming, and general healthchecks in our nurses clinic. Call our clinic today on 020 8962 8017


    Photo Credit: Rowan Williams

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