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    • 21 Jul, 2020

    Teaming up with award-winning pet food suppliers Burns

    In March, we were delighted to announce that we have teamed up with award-winning natural pet food company Burns Pet Nutrition, who became Mayhew’s official food supplier for 2020.

    Burns is a family firm specialising in high quality dog food made from all-natural ingredients, and they are now the sole supplier of dog food for our kennels, providing delicious daily nutrition to fuel all the dogs in our care.

    Burns is passionate about helping animals in need and giving them the best start in life with healthy food. They donate food to over 60 long-term beneficiaries across the UK and were keen to partner with us, believing we share the same values and ethics. As their founder, Veterinary Surgeon John Burns, explained: “At Burns, we want to use our success to improve the lives of people and pets across the UK. Mayhew runs a number of incredible initiatives to create compassionate communities for people and pets, and we’re very proud to support the amazing work they do to help rescue animals, owners and vulnerable members of our society.”

    We will also benefit from Burns’ ongoing support and nutritional guidance. Earlier this year, their top nutritionists visited our Home to share their expertise with our Kennels team. They provided invaluable insights and offered advice on everything from managing common canine pet complaints through nutrition to tailoring diets for different life stages and dietary requirements.

    An extra-special adoption pack!

    Burns are now providing food for special ‘adoption starter packs’, which we will be giving out to adopters when they rehome a dog from us. These packs are a real bonus, ensuring that dogs continue to have a consistent diet as they settle into their new homes. The packs also include feeding advice from Burns on topics such as feeding dogs with intolerances, and guidance on what foods should not be fed to dogs. Our adopters can continue to benefit from Burns’ tips and expert advice down the line by contacting them on their nutritional helpline to discuss feeding concerns, such as how to encourage a reluctant feeder or the amount to feed once a dog reaches senior age.

    For advice on pet nutrition, contact the Burns helpline 0800 083 6696, or email [email protected].

    “We are really pleased to send our dogs off to their new homes with a bag of good quality food. This can help to avoid upset tummies which can be caused by a sudden change in diet moving from shelter to a forever home.”

    Lisa Guiney

    Dog Adoption Officer

    Q&A with Burns’ Nutrition Manager, Laura Crotch Harvey

    How do you become a pet nutritionist?

    I have a Masters degree in Animal Science, but there is no set qualification or route to become a pet nutritionist in the UK. There are, however, a lot of fantastic animal-based courses at colleges and universities, and having a qualification in related areas – for example, animal care, nutrition, behaviour or veterinary sciences – can be beneficial.

    What does the job involve?

    Most of my time is spent answering questions on Burns’ nutrition helpline. This is a free helpline to advise owners on diet-related concerns. I’m also responsible for giving talks to pet shops and charities, training staff and attending shows like Crufts to share nutritional advice with attendees. As Nutrition Manager, a key part of my role is to work with our production teams to ensure the high quality of Burns’ food. I’m also involved in new product development, whether that’s creating a new sensitive diet range or a delicious treat – a part of the job my own dog particularly enjoys!

    What’s a typical workday like?

    We deal with a variety of customer queries on the phones, live chat and email. Today, I have spoken to a lady with a poodle cross who stole cake from her kitchen, a Yorkie with digestive issues and a bichon frise with pancreatitis. We’re lucky as continued training is a priority at Burns, so we get to attend courses and veterinary conferences around the world, enabling us to keep up to date with the latest pet nutrition research and developments.

    What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a pet nutritionist?

    There are different areas of pet nutrition, from customer-centred positions to technical roles formulating pet foods. Each role varies, so think about what you are interested in. However, good people skills are a must, and getting experience in the industry – for example, working with pet shops or volunteering with a local rescue – is a great place start.

    For advice on pet nutrition, contact the Burns helpline 0800 083 6696, or email [email protected].


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