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    • 05 Apr, 2017

    Microchipping – Stay Together Pawever

    Sadly we see hundreds of lost cats and dogs come through our doors every year, unfortunately many of which are not identifiable because they haven’t been microchipped.

    With the one-year anniversary of the compulsory dog microchipping law coming up in April, we are promoting the benefits of this small, but mighty, chip to encourage more owners to get their pets chipped, and are offering free microchipping at BARK in the Park events across London during April 2017.

    Getting your pet microchipped is a hallmark of responsible pet ownership, and not only is it quick, cheap and painless, but is a great way to make sure that you and your best friend stay together pawever, should the unthinkable ever happen, and your pet does go missing.

    Owners can have the peace of mind that if their dog or cat goes missing, the probability of them being returned safely is higher than if they are not microchipped and identifiable – like Monika and her cat Jingle found recently.

    Reunited after Nine Months – Jingle’s Story

    Two-year-old calico cat, Jingle, who went missing for nine months, was reunited with her owners thanks to having the correct microchipping details.

    Jingle first arrived with us after a member of the public found her hiding behind a block of flats in Kensal Green in a poor condition. Sadly, Jingle was skinny and had suffered from some injuries whilst she was missing and had several dry scabs over her back and shoulders.


    Fearing that she was in a lot of pain, the kind gentleman immediately brought Jingle to our Home. On arrival, Jingle had large, dry scabs over much of her back and shoulders. The injuries appeared to be burns of some description, possibly from a chemical, and she smelt like solvent. Our Vet Team examined her scabs which luckily appeared to be fairly superficial, and clipped and cleaned her wounds and gave her pain relief to help her feel more comfortable.

    Whilst Jingle was recovering, our Animal Welfare Officers scanned her and found that luckily she was microchipped and we able to contact her worried owners. Jingle was last seen by her owner, Monika, at her home in Willesden Green in April 2016 – a whopping nine months before she was found.

    Jingle just after returning home, and more recently.

    Jingle’s owner, Monika, said: “Jingle has always liked wandering, but she usually only disappears for two or three days maximum at a time, so when she was missing for longer than that, I began to really worry. I desperately tried to find Jingle and called up the microchipping company to see if she had been found, but sadly had no luck.”

    “I was thrilled when we got the call from The Mayhew to say they had Jingle. It was actually my birthday when they called and it was truly the best present to find out she was safe.”

    After being lost for such a long time, Jingle was finally able to return home. Her owner came to collect her from our centre and took her back home where she would feel safe and comfortable with her family, and could continue her medical treatment with her local vets.

    Monika, added: “It’s amazing to have Jingle back with us and she has settled back into her home really quickly. We were heartbroken to find out that she had gotten injured when she was lost, and we have since taken her to our vets frequently. Thankfully now she is back to her happy, healthy self, and the scabs have healed, she’s gained back a healthy weight and her fur has grown back.”

    Mayhew Animal Welfare Officer, Tania Mazzoni, said: “Jingle’s story highlights how important it is to get your pet microchipped, as it means we can quickly reunite beloved pets with their owners. Sadly we get hundreds of stray cats and dogs come in to us every year who haven’t been microchipped, and it’s heartbreaking to think that they could be someone’s missing pet.”

    “Microchipping your pet is a hallmark of responsible pet ownership, and is a reliable way of making sure that you and your pet can be reunited should they ever go missing. We encourage anyone who hasn’t got their pet microchipped to make an appointment at our Community Vet Clinic or visit one of the many microchipping events in local parks in April, where our team of Animal Welfare Officers are on-hand to microchip dogs for free.”

    You can read more on Jingle’s story here.

    Microchipped Pets can be Returned

    Microchipping your pet is a reliable way of making sure you and your best friend stay together pawever and can be reunited, if you ever do get seperated.

    Thanks to being microchipped, we were able to reunite 67 beloved dogs back with their owners last year. Marcel and Bella were just two of those dogs – read their reunited stories below:

    Marcel and Jenny

    Thanks to being microchipped, Jenny was reunited with her beloved pug-cross Marcel in less than 24 hours.

    Jenny was panic-stricken when her gorgeous pug-cross Marcel went missing. Thankfully Marcel was found and brought into us, where our Animal Welfare Officers discovered he had been microchipped and were able to reunite him back with Jenny in less than 24 hours.

    Jenny, said: “I was distracted doing chores after a weekend away and didn’t notice when Marcel slipped out our back gate when some workmen left. I was devastated when I realised! After a couple of hours of sheer panic and ringing every vet and animal home in the vicinity, I got through to The Mayhew who had found him. I can’t tell you the relief I felt! Marcel was totally oblivious, of course, but we are grateful to have him back. I can’t imagine life without his cheekiness.”


    Bella was reunited with her owner Lorraine on the next day, thanks to being microchipped

    Lorraine lost her beloved Bichon Bella in August 2016. Luckily, Bella was found by our Animal Welfare Officers, who checked her for a microchip and reunited her back with Lorraine on the very next day.

    Lorraine, said: “Bella went missing in August 2016. I searched the streets for hours looking for Bella, crying with fear as I knew she would be so scared. Recieving a call the next day to say “Bella is safe and has been found”, was like heart beats skipping a hundred beats at once for me – I was overjoyed being reunited with her was the best feeling ever and hugs and kisses continued for days after. Thank you to The Mayhew Animal Home.”

    If you and your pet have been happily reunited thanks to the power of the microchip, share your story with us on Facebook, Twitter (@themayhew) or Instagram (@themayhew) using the hashtag #TogetherPawever.

    Stay Together Pawever for FREE

    Since the law was passed on April 6th 2016, it is now a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped and their contact details kept up-to-date. Owners who do not microchip their dog could be faced with a penalty fine, so now really is the time to get your pet microchipped.

    In light of the one-year anniversary of the law, our Animal Welfare Officers are offering free microchipping for dogs at BARK in the Park community events throughout April.

    Click here to find out the dates and locations.

    Microchipping is cheap to do. If you can’t make our park events, our vet and nurse clinics also provide a low cost microchipping service as well as other care treatments for your pet. We also offer free Bull breed neutering in our veterinary clinic.

    Microchipping FAQs

    Microchipping Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is microchipping? A tiny data chip is implanted into the dog or cat at the back of the neck. The procedure is similar to giving an injection and is harmless.
    • How does microchipping work? The chip holds a unique code which links to a national 24-hour, secure database where the owner’s full contact details are registered. When a missing pet is found, the chip is scanned by an animal professional – local authority, animal welfare organisation or vet – who contacts the database to find the owner’s details. The owner is notified and reunited with their pet.
    • After microchipping does my dog still have to wear a collar? Yes, it is still a legal requirement for your dog to wear a collar and ID tag that states your full name and address.
    • How much does microchipping cost? Microchipping is cheap to do. Our vet and nurse clinics provide a low cost microchipping service as well as other care treatments for your pet.
    • What is the penalty for not microchipping my dog? If you do not microchip your dog after 6th April 2016, as the dog owner, you will be served with a notice requiring your dog to be microchipped. You may face criminal prosecution and a £500 fine if you do not comply with the notice.

    We have also put together an advice article addressing some of the most common concerns people may have about getting their pet microchipped, read more here.

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