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  • Chronic Rise in Older Cats Dumped and Given to Us
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    • 07 Sep, 2015

    Chronic Rise in Older Cats Dumped and Given to Us

    There is a sharp rise in the number of elderly cats coming into our care as people struggle to pay their vet bills and to take care of their pets. Our Animal Welfare Officers have been called out to pick up an increasing number of old cats who have been neglected and abandoned by their owners. Sadly, the neglected cats that we cannot help medically because they are beyond any treatment we can give them are gently put to sleep which is a very sad reality especially as some of these cats could have easily been treated in the first place. For instance, a cat who develops kidney disease can be easily treated, however if the condition is left untreated it becomes chronic and then there is no cure.

    We also have a number of cats in our care whose owners have sadly passed or are in ill health. Some cats are also reluctantly given up to us because their elderly owners are moving into a care home which doesn’t allow pets.

    Owning an elderly pet can often cost more because pet insurance costs increase with the age of pets. However with a lifetime insurance cover your pet can receive veterinary help if he/she develops a condition so pet insurance will pay for itself when you need it most.

    Although older cats are more prone to age related medical conditions some conditions, such as kidney conditions and high blood pressure, are easily treated by special food diets and medications, making age related illnesses easy to manage and not as expensive as people think.

    We currently have in our care looking for their forever homes:

    Trixie: 10 years old
    Barbie: 10 years old
    Shadow: 8 years old
    Meg: 14 years old (now reserved)
    Felix: 10 years old
    Sky: 8 years old (now reserved)
    Molly: 11 years old

    We believe that giving a golden oldie a home during their twilight years can be extremely rewarding. Older pets are often more settled in their character and already trained and can offer so much affection and companionship. All they want is a forever home to live out their days quietly and happily. A younger kitten or puppy requires lots of work and can take a lot of time to train, whereas an older cat will settle much more quickly and can be a better choice for people who lead busy lives. So if you can offer these lovely older cats a forever home, or know someone who can, please contact us to come in or fill out an adoption form for the cat you’d like to adopt.

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