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    • 29 Aug, 2015

    Animal Welfare Officer month: Prince – Dumped and Left for Dead

    We were all utterly horrified one October day in 2012 when our Animal Welfare Officer brought in an elderly German Shepherd to our rescue centre in North West London. The dog, Prince, had been dumped on a filthy mattress in a nearby park amongst a collection of rubbish. Our  Officer reported that poor Prince appeared dead, was far too weak to move or lift his head, was soaked to the bone, covered in faeces and that his coat was matted from head to toe.


    Our veterinary team immediately got him onto a drip and medication, working through the night to try and save him. Sadly, we discovered a severe range of medical conditions which had devastated Prince’s body to the point of no return, leaving this poor boy in severe pain and distress. With loving care and pain relieving medication our vets were able to send him off in peace, knowing he was settled, reassured and finally safe.


    Prince had clearly been suffering for along time and the level of cruelty he had endured is unimaginable.

    These photographs are upsetting, we know, but this is the reality and the the type of neglect and cruelty cases that our Animal Welfare Officers are dealing with on a daily basis here in London and on the very doorstep of our rescue centre. Find our more about our team of  Animal Welfare Officers here.



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