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    • 28 Apr, 2015

    Stop Greyhound Abuse

    In late 2012 Mayhew International petitioned the Spanish Ambassador in London to put pressure on the Andalucian Regional Government to repeal the cruel and barbaric legislation which now allows the training of greyhounds tied to motorised vehicles.

    This legislation, announced on 29 September 2012, means that greyhounds older than 6 months can be trained by being tied to mopeds, motorcycles and quad bikes etc. This will mean more dogs suffering and dying after being dragged along by such vehicles.

    Mayhew International is appalled to learn of this disgusting practice now enshrined in law in Andalucia. How can a government department for so-called Animal Health and Welfare even consider such cruelty?

    The petition is now closed but please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates on our other campaigns, or make a donation to help animals in need.


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