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    • 08 Jan, 2018

    New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners

    Each January a third of the UK makes New Year’s Resolutions, hoping to lose weight, to quit smoking or to take up a new hobby; but by mid-month most of these have been forgotten. This year, why not make a resolution for your pet? Here are just a few suggestions from Mayhew…

    new year's resolutions

    Get Active!

    The New Year is the perfect time to get motivated and your furry friend will definitely thank you for it! Daily exercise (whether it is walks for dogs or playtime for cats) is essential to keep your pet healthy and mentally and physically stimulated. Not only will it improve both of your wellbeing, it will help build muscle tone and prevent depression, obesity, joint problems and heart conditions. Why not take on one of our active challenges for 2018 and raise money for animals in need at the same time?

    new year's resolutions

    Make sure vaccinations are up to date

    Vaccinating your pet is essential for protecting them against disease, some of which can be fatal. When puppies and kittens are born they receive some natural protection against disease from their mother’s milk, however this protection is temporary and declines in the first few weeks of life, leaving them at risk of infection and disease. Protect your pet and make sure their vaccinations are up to date.

    We run low cost vaccination clinics on:

    Thursdays : 10am–12 midday
    Tuesday evening : 5pm–7pm (check with our reception for specific dates on 020 8962 8017 or email [email protected])

     new year's resolutions

    Get your pet neutered

    Neutering can improve your pet’s health by reducing or eliminating the risk of certain cancers and other diseases. Your pet is also less likely to develop unwanted behaviours such as the need to escape, spray or fight with other dogs or cats.

    We offer low-cost neutering appointments at our Community Veterinary Clinic Monday to Friday. We also offer free neutering for bull breed dogs and cats eligible under the C4 Scheme. Please call 020 8962 8017 or email [email protected] to make an appointment, check prices, or ask for further information.

    To read more about neutering, you can take a look at our Neutering Guide.

    new year's resolutions

    Make sure your furry friend is microchipped and microchip details are up to date

    Although we reunited 78 dogs with their families last year, there were many animals that were not so lucky. Some of the animals that come to us as strays do have microchips, but the information has not been kept up to date. In these cases, we are unable to find the owner and the cat or dog has to find a new family.

    Microchipping is cheap, harmless, and takes seconds. A small chip (the size of a grain of rice) will be implanted into the back of your pet’s neck with a unique number on it. This procedure will take place with them fully awake and is very similar to giving an injection, so cats and dogs tolerate it incredibly well. The unique microchip number is then stored on a central database with your name and address details attached.

    new year's resolutionsBake your pooch some pawfect treats

    We all deserve a little treat now and then, and your pup is no different. Why not purchase a homemade doggy treat kit and have a baking session with your best pal? Buy a doggy treat kit here.

    donate animal charity new year's resolutions

    Adopt Don’t Shop

    If you are thinking about adding a new member to your family this year, please consider adopting one of the thousands of homeless animals that we care for. We ask that owners think responsibly about where they get their pets from. Absolutely anyone over the age of 16 can walk into a pet shop or buy any animal they want online. There are no checks on the reliability and ability of buyers to look after pets and buyers won’t be aware of the pet’s background. Purchasing pets from pet shops, online or from illegal breeders fuels the already huge problems of illegal breeding and unwanted animals.

    Puppy and kitten mills and even some pet shops are often places where animals are kept in inhumane conditions and only regarded as a means to make money. This can lead to extreme cases of neglect and abuse such as large dogs kept in small cages and given no exercise, as well as females whose sole purpose is to give birth to litter after litter.

    At Mayhew, we rehome a huge variety of breeds and ages and we will help you find the pet that is right for you. Visit our adoption page to see who is looking for a home.

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