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    • 28 Feb, 2020

    My four-legged friend called Alfie

    We love to hear stories about our supporters’ pets and the happiness they bring each other. Today we speak to Sarah about her Cavalier King Charles spaniel cross bichon frise, Alfie.

    Alfie’s back legs were quite weak when we got him as his previous owner hadn’t been able to exercise him properly. Now he has plenty of walks on Hampstead Heath or in our local park in Kilburn where he has lots of doggy friends. My partner and I can’t have children, so Alfie is our baby.

    He comes to me for cuddles and pampering and he goes to my partner Ric for playtime. He has adapted well to our unpredictable schedule of working shifts. Sometimes he’ll be left on his own for up to four hours, or he’ll go next door and play with his Cavalier King Charles spaniel neighbour Fido. He loves travelling in the car when we visit family outside of London and coming out with us to the pub, and he will sit quietly under the table if we’re eating.

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