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    • 30 Nov, 2016

    Meet a TheraPaws Team!

    TheraPaws recognises the benefits of taking animals into the care setting to engage with the elderly.

    We specialise in visits to people with dementia and to palliative care centres. Our volunteers and their dogs go on regular visits to care homes, day centres, hospices and hospitals across North and West London.

    Here we find out a little more about a TheraPaws’ team, volunteer Becky and pup Monty…

    How long have you been volunteering with TheraPaws?
    Coming up to three years… gosh has it really been that long?

    Where do you regularly visit?
    The Pembridge Palliative Care Centre in Ladbroke Grove. 

    What attracted you to volunteering with TheraPaws?
    It was mainly because of Monty as he has such a lovely nature and is just so calm and very loving.

    Can you remember your first visit? 
    Yes, I went along with Monty and another volunteer and was so happy with the way Monty took to his new role. We heard lots of stories about when people had their own pets and we couldn’t wait to go back.

    What is your fondest memory?
    We get to know day patients on a one on one basis – Monty became very fond of one gentleman in particular. When the gentleman was moved to end of life care Monty knew before I did which room he was in – as if he could smell or sense something that humans can’t.

    Find out more about TheraPaws here.

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