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    • 08 May, 2019

    Meet Simran – our fundraising superstar!

    Despite being only 11 years old, inspiring local schoolgirl Simran has personally raised over £575 for Mayhew in the past year alone.

    From baking and selling homemade dog biscuits to successfully completing a sponsored silence, young Simran has so far raised over £575 for the dogs and cats in our care. She even asked for nothing but money last Christmas, so she could donate everything she received to help us buy food and blankets for our animals during the winter.

    Simran also sponsors a Mayhew cat cabin, which she pays for out of her own pocket money.

    Speaking to us about her dog biscuits, Simran said:

    “One day, a Mayhew newsletter came through the door. I was so touched by all the stories about cats and dogs who needed urgent care. I wanted to raise some money for Mayhew, so that I could help all the poor animals that had suffered.”


    11 years old

    “I quickly decided I was going to do a bake sale, and phoned Mayhew to tell them and to ask for a fundraising pack. Whilst I was discussing my plans, a vision came to me… I could make homemade dog biscuits! I researched recipes and my Mum helped me order bone shaped cookie cutters, labels and bags.”

    “I was very excited, and I had lots of fun baking. My dog Millie was our Head Taster, and once I got her approval I knew I was on to a winner. I sold the first batch to dog owners at the park and to our neighbours, and I also took a second batch to school and sold them to the teachers who I knew had dogs.  I even managed to sell some to people who didn’t even own a dog! I made over a 150 biscuits in total, and sold them for £1.00 each.”

    Simran’s Mum, Anita, added: “Simran has always loved animals, and has always wanted to care for as many of them as possible. I am so proud to have such a lovely, selfless daughter who is so aware of the world we live in, and who wants nothing more than to help make it a better place.”

    Happily for us, it seems like Simran isn’t quite done yet – her mum told us that she still has “hundreds” of fundraising ideas up her sleeve! Simran added “I am really passionate about animals and care for their welfare, so by doing this I am fulfilling one (of many) of my dreams to help animals!”

    We think Simran is an incredible young girl, with astonishing heart and drive. As well as raising money for the dogs and cats in our care, she is also helping to spread awareness about Mayhew through her friends and family. We are ever so grateful for her support, and can’t thank her enough.

    If you’ve been inspired by Simran, take a look at our fundraising page to find out how you too can help care for dogs, cats and communities in need.

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