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  • Mayhew’s longest staying cat finally finds a home with Eastenders actor Harry Reid
    • Happily Rehomed
    • 17 Oct, 2018

    Mayhew’s longest staying cat finally finds a home with Eastenders actor Harry Reid

    We are thrilled to announce that after a record two and a half year wait, four-year-old Magnum has finally found his forever home with actor Harry Reid, who adopted our longest staying cat earlier this month.

    Our time with Magnum

    • Magnum arrived in our care in March 2016 as a stray, after being found in the local area by a concerned member of the public.
    • He was suffering from an abscess on his front paw, cat flu and a urinary tract infection, and he also had a benign lump on his neck.
    • Our expert vets treated Magnum’s wounds, removed the lump, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped him, and gave him a thorough health and dental examination.
    • Blood test results found Magnum had Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), an incurable condition that attacks the immune system.

    Cats with FIV can lead a normal healthy life with proper care in the right environment, but are advised to stay indoors and only venture out very rarely – if at all – within an escape-proof garden, to prevent the risk of picking up infections and diseases from other animals. Sadly, this can make it more difficult to match them to a suitable home.

    After a short recovery period for his initial wounds and illnesses, gorgeous Magnum was ready to meet his forever family, and waited patiently for adoption. Sadly, the days turned into weeks, then months, and then years.

    We began to worry Magnum would be waiting forever to start his new life, and arranged for him to be fostered by one of our experienced carers whilst the perfect owner was found. Magnum adjusted extremely well to an indoor home environment, and we kept all our paws crossed he’d eventually find his happy ever after.

    harry reid adopts magnum the cat

    Finding his forever home

    Luckily for him, it seems the best things really do come to those who wait. Almost two and a half years after Magnum came to us, Eastenders star and theatre actor Harry Reid visited Mayhew, and fell in love with the ginger and white tomcat. Harry quickly decided to adopt Magnum, and thankfully could offer him the perfect home, with plenty of space for Magnum to explore and play indoors.

    Magnum moved in with Harry a few weeks ago, and since then, the pair have become the best of friends. Harry regularly shares Magnum’s adventures with over 94,000 fans on his Instagram page, adding the heart-warming hashtag #harryandthemag.

    Harry reid cat

    “I have been interested in rehoming ever since I first met Mayhew, and I’m so happy to officially be a part of their family. I knew straight away that Magnum was the one for me – since bringing him home, he’s become my shadow and I love it! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to adopt and rescue this beautiful little boy. Mum – here’s your Grandson!”

    Harry Reid

    Magnum's new owner

    Kayleigh Kilcommons, Head of Cattery at Mayhew, said “Seeing Magnum finally settled into a new home has brought so much happiness to everyone who works and volunteers in the cattery. Magnum is a truly special cat who waited far too long to find a family – so we are utterly thrilled that Harry chose to give this sweet boy a dream home to call his own. Good luck Harry and the Mag!’’

    As much as we all miss Magnum, we are delighted that he has found such a purr-fect home with Harry!

    harry reid adopts magnum the cat

    Interested in finding your own Magnum?

    If you are interested in meeting any of our other cats still waiting to find their forever family, please take a look at their profiles. You can also find out more about fostering or sponsoring a cat or dog, or donate to help us care for hundreds of animals in need.

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