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  • Mayhew Vet Clinic Goes From Strength to Strength
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    • 29 Apr, 2015

    Mayhew Vet Clinic Goes From Strength to Strength

    The Mayhew’s vet clinic carried out a record breaking 9000 procedures in 2014 including microchipping, vet checks, vaccinations and neutering. Busier than ever during National Pet Month this month, clinic staff also carried out many complex and delicate surgeries. They successfully removed a swollen cancerous tumour which had eaten away the delicate eyelid area of an abandoned cat called MacGyver.

    Chief Vet, Ursula Goetz, said:
    “The cancer was pushing against MacGyver’s eye so he was in a lot of discomfort. We had to take it out but his other eye was fine. It was a severe case and I have not seen one like this in the last five years at The Mayhew. We managed to ease his suffering. He’s a very special pet who has now been successfully adopted. But our work is much wider and we also deal with pets suffering from obesity, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, IBS and many other illnesses.”

    Read more about MacGyver here >>

    The vet clinic also carried out 2156 vet checks, 2371 neutering operations, 1925 vaccinations and 1393 microchips. They also handled a further 947 cases brought in by the animal welfare officers and held 210 nurses clinics.

    National Pet Month key runs to May 4 and aims to promote responsible pet ownership and raise awareness of the plight of homeless animals.

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