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  • The Mayhew Launches It's Raining Cats and Kittens Campaign
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    • 13 Jul, 2016

    The Mayhew Launches It's Raining Cats and Kittens Campaign

    We are at the peak of kitten season and at The Mayhew Animal Home we are already overflowing with the number of furry friends in our care.

    Did you know that cats can get pregnant from 4 months of age, when they are kittens themselves. One cat can have up to 6 kittens and potentially 4 litters per year. This means that in just one year a cat could produce 34 more cats. Then the next year on average there could be a total of 240 cats, followed by 1746 a year later. The number of cats soon spirals out of control with the figure increasing each year from 12,701 in year four to an astonishing 92,394 in year five. All from just one cat.

    That’s why we are now launching our It’s Raining Cats and Kittens Campaign to shine a spotlight on the problem of millions of unwanted kittens that are born, adding to the overpopulation of cats, and the solutions as to how this can be combated.

    How Can I Help?

    Neutering offers a humane and permanent solution to unwanted litters and the chronic overpopulation of cats in this country. Not only does neutering improve your pets’ health by reducing or eliminating risks of certain cancers and other diseases. Your pet is also less likely to develop unwanted behaviours such as roaming and fighting with other cats.

    Mayhew Animal Home Vets

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    At The Mayhew we offer affordable and low cost neutering at our Vet Clinic. The operation is relatively straightforward and most animals will be in and out within one day. The Mayhew neuters cats from the age of 8 – 9 weeks, making an assessment before the procedure in each case. Find out more about neutering and our low-cost services on our website, or contact our Vet Clinic on 020 8962 8017.

    As part of the C4 Scheme, a joint initiative by major animal charities working in Greater London to tackle the problem of too many cats, we offer free neutering for cats within the M25 area whose owners receive certain state benefits, are on a low income or are students. The scheme also includes neutering of stray cats being temporarily fed.

    We also offer a free Pick & Snip scheme for cats. We collect cats, bring them to our clinic for neutering and return them. The scheme is to encourage people who have proven reluctant to neuter their cats due to cost, disability, apathy or transport availability.

    Our Animal Welfare Officers also run an innovative Trap Neuter Return (TNR) programme for feral cats and kittens.

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    There are many cat colonies in London, so that’s why our Officers are always thankful for calls from the general public in locating feral cats to bring them back to The Mayhew for neutering and health checks at our Vet Clinic. They will then re-release the neutered adult cats back to their colony location, providing the area is suitable and a safe environment for them. If litters of kittens under 8 weeks old are brought in, then in the majority of cases the litter will remain at The Mayhew to be socialised and then put up for adoption.

    If you are interested in adopting a cat in our care please visit here or call 020 8962 8009.

    If you’re concerned about populations of cats in your area, please call our Animal Welfare Officers on 020 8962 8000.

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