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    • 17 Mar, 2021

    Mayhew launches advice hub for pet owners

    Today, Mayhew is launching a new advice hub – giving pet owners advice, tips and fun ideas at their fingertips!

    For over 135 years, we have been there for dogs, cats and communities, and are experts in the field of animal welfare, training and behaviour, and veterinary medicine. With hundreds of combined years’ experience, our in-house experts often create advice content which we regularly share with pet owners online and offline, through printed publications or on our digital channels.

    We found that these pieces of advice are incredibly useful to pet owners, so decided to host it all in one central location, which would be easier and more accessible for pet owners.

    We have now built a new section of our website – our advice hub – which pulls in all of our expert-led advice into one fully searchable portal.

    With our service users in mind, from new pet owners and vet clinic customers to members of our community, our advice hub is designed to act as a one stop shop for pet owners. It has advice on everything from how to get your home ready for your new cat or dog, to training techniques, enrichment ideas and health care pointers. Whether you are worried about cat flu or you want to know how to train your dog to loose leash walk , we have articles to meet your every question.

    So, if you have any burning queries about your pet’s health, their training or just you want to know more about laws for pet owners, please take a look around our hub and share it with your friends and family. If we can help just one pet owner to resolve a worry they have, we will be very happy!

     Visit our advice hub

    Please remember, our advice should be taken as a first step in your research, but always follow up with a visit to your vet or a pet behaviourist if you have specific concerns about your dog or cat.

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