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    • 16 Oct, 2015

    Mayhew Kittens with The Vamps

    It was cuteness overload when two Mayhew kittens, Bap and Bagel, rubbed shoulders with The Vamps’ lead guitarist James McVey to star in a new PETA campaign: “Save a Life: Adopt!” Three month old Bap, who is black and white, and Bagel who is creamy white are from a litter of six kittens which ended up at The Mayhew after their owners abandoned them when they moved home.

    James said: “I love cats and I want to visit The Mayhew Animal Home and adopt another one. There are millions of animals in shelters including kittens, puppies and dogs so go to a rescue centre, adopt and save a life!”

    The advert, which was shot by top celebrity photographer Ruth Rose, stresses the importance of adopting homeless animals from shelters and never to buy from breeders or pet stores.

    James added: “Every time someone buys a kitten or puppy from breeders or pet shops a dog or a cat in a shelter loses their chance of finding a home. I strongly urge anyone who is thinking of getting a pet to visit a local shelter like The Mayhew Animal Home in North West London.

    The campaign also featured in We Love Pop magazine and James also shared it on his Instragram where it’s been liked thousands of times.

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