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    • 26 Jul, 2015

    Mayhew International in Georgia – Timeline Updates

    The Mayhew International team left for Tbilisi, Georgia on Wednesday to help in the aftermath of the recent floods where they will be assisting with surgical procedures and helping to reunite misplaced dogs with their owners. The team are bringing lots of useful items and have also received many generous donations of equipment to take over.

    The equipment includes canine stretchers, collars, leads, surgical supplies, suture materials, antibiotics, flea treatments, microchip scanners and dog crates. Many thanks to MDC Exports, WVS and AVID for their help and donations.

    You can follow our Georgia Twitter Timeline below to keep up to date with the Mayhew International team in Georgia.

    We are visiting The Georgian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) who have a small shelter with approximately 42 dogs, mostly involved with road traffic accidents and traumas. This shelter had also taken some of the dogs from another shelter that was destroyed by the floods.

    Rustavi City is a small town with around 100,000 people a short distance out of Tbilisi. There are approximately 4000 stray dogs with no stray dog management currently in place . The council intend to carry out Trap Neuter Return and a neutering and rabies vaccination programme and they have set up a small shelter facility. The shelter also has an operating room with basic equipment for neutering. Mayhew International may be giving training to the shelter’s vet and we have offered our advice and assistance to the council to carry out a dog survey for the town.

    On our first visit to the Tbilisi Municipal shelter a dog was brought in with a severely infected bite wound and hernia. Our vet Dr. Mohammed Jalil and Vet Nurse Laura took over and helped treat the dog. They cleaned the area thoroughly and administered antibiotics and pain relief donated by us. They also placed her on intravenous fluids to help hydrate and support her as she had a very high temperature. The dog was then placed in one of the donated Mayhew dog crates so that she can recover and relax and she ate when she was given a bowl of food.

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