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    • 23 Mar, 2016

    Mayhew International in Georgia – Live Timeline

    Mayhew International is the only Western charity that gives veterinary training and has a presence in Georgia.

    Our Mayhew International team is currently out in Tbilisi, Georgia to teach neutering and spaying surgery at Tbilisi Municipal Dog Shelter.  In addition the team carried out a Spay Day at the Agrarian University Vet Clinic. Head Vet at the University Vet Clinic, Marika, was the first vet from overseas taught by our own Chief Vet, Dr. Ursula Goetz at The Mayhew Animal Home Community Veterinary Clinic. Mayhew International, along with Marika and vet Lili at the Agrarian University Clinic, neutered and health checked 24 dogs including 7 females under 5 months old who are  part of Trap Neuter Return programmes or small shelters in the city.

    The Mayhew International team is also involved with a high volume neutering project at the Municipality Dog Shelter, the largest shelter in Tblisi, where they have their own vets on-site. Veterinary training will be given to the vets to show them how it is possible to perform high volume surgery with up to 20 neutering operations per day. All training  includes preparing animals for surgery, monitoring anaethestics and recovery.

    Recently there has been a change in the law in Georgia and vets can now purchase anaesthetic drugs for animal surgery. Previously anaesthetic drugs, which are standard in the West, could only be purchased by the Municipality and Vet University. Mayhew International’s Head Vet Ursula will be giving a talk to Georgian Vets about the usage of anaesthetic drugs. The team will also have various meetings about the 3 bear cubs that are awaiting transport to Greece. The Mayhew International team will be present at a Careers Fair at the International French School in Tbilisi to talk about veterinary careers and will also meet with the Agrarian University to discuss having small animal veterinary surgery as part of the curriculum for veterinary science.

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