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  • The Mayhew Awarded £10,000 Grant to Help our Homeless Dogs
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    • 21 Jul, 2016

    The Mayhew Awarded £10,000 Grant to Help our Homeless Dogs

    We are delighted that we have been awarded a £10,000 grant from Pedigree so that we can refurbish our dog kennels and further improve the environment in which our dogs stay.

    The refurbishment works are planned for later this year and will allow us to modernise and refurbish our dog kennels to make them even more comfortable and welcoming to the many abandoned and neglected dogs that come through our doors.

    George Hillman, Senior Brand Manager at Pedigree said: “We would like to congratulate The Mayhew Animal Home on their successful application. At Pedigree we believe that all dogs should have good nutritious food and a happy loving home. This is why we’re committed to providing rescue centres across the country with food and monetary grants, to help them make vital changes to give dogs a better chance of finding their forever home. The level of entries we had this year as part of the Feeding Brighter Futures campaign was fantastic and it goes to show how much our work is valued by the charities, as the grant money enables them to provide better care for the dogs and cats who need it most.”

    The £10,000 comes from an initiative, Pedigree and Whiskas Feeding Brighter Futures, that provides rehoming centres with much needed grants and food, and also works to raise awareness of the UK’s issue of dog and cat abandonment. 2016 marked the first year of Whiskas’ involvement in the campaign and all cat rehoming centres who are ADCH members could also apply for a grant of £5,000.

    Gillian Notton, Head of Animal Welfare at The Mayhew, says: “We are over the moon to receive this generous grant from Pedigree and Whiskas and cannot thank them enough. This money will help to provide an improved experience for all of the dogs that we help. Being in a shelter can be stressful and an unnatural environment for dogs, especially if they are wary or nervous from their previous living conditions and situations; so any further improvements we can make to the kennel environment so that our dogs are happier and calmer until we find them their forever homes is a huge bonus.”

    Pedigree Mayhew-25

    This year Pedigree and Whiskas Feeding Brighter Futures has awarded over £100,000 to members of the Association of Dog and Cats Homes (ADCH), to help them improve conditions for dogs and cats when they need to be cared for the most – from new kennel improvements and training facilities to the creation of new exercise and socialisation areas.

    Since 2014 Pedigree has also donated over 672,000 meals to rescue dogs in rehoming centres through the Pedigree Feeding Brighter Futures programme. Food donations don’t just help centres by freeing up funds for other projects, they also play a vital role in rehabilitating the dogs in their care, as a consistent good quality diet allows dogs to recover and be re-socialised quicker.

    Find out more about the Pedigree and Whiskas Feeding Brighter Futures campaign here.

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    CEO Caroline Yates and Andrew Winfrow, National Charities Manager, Mars Petcare


    Photo credit: Rowan Williams

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